Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Learning the Swedish language

Learning the language is obviously very important. Jobseekers who have become residents in Sweden and who have been issued with a personal identity number (personnummer) should contact the local municipality for information about free Swedish lessons for immigrants (Sfi).

Sfi stands for swedish for immigrants (svenska för invandrare) and is a language course which also includes field trips and some cultural and social education. Those who are over 16 years of age, registered in Stockholm and who need to learn Swedish have the right to study Sfi in Stockholm. Teaching and course literature are free of charge.

Follow the link under SFI - Swedish for Immigrants and other language resources on the right under IMPORTANT LINKS to find out more about SFI and the free online courses available to you.


  1. I saw your comments in The Local (It's an excellent online newspaper is it not?) regarding learning Swedish. For more help in learning Swedish, feel free to visit my Swedish For Idiots site at and see all the links there. (By the way, the netcasts are intended to be humorous/idiotic; you'll see/hear what I mean.) Good luck to you in Sweden!

  2. Be sure to visit Swedish For Idiots at for links to resources to help one learn Swedish. Good luck to you in Sweden!